sub-morphine alt-country songwriter


View from the Control Room: Cutting Streetlights:

I’m lost in all this. You better check back to see if i get focused again, because I’m seein’ right now like a camera with only a zoom lenz on.

I’m tryin’ to not walk into things all the time. I’m trying not to get fed at all the wrong times. I’m trying not get after it with all the wrong ideas..all the wrong intentions…all the wrong spirit. That’s where i am. That’s where I’m takin’ you i swear. Streetlight’s is just a song. It’s a piece of words and i wrote them out for myself to think a little more clear. Have a little more feelin’ understood in my belly. I’m writin them out in my mind and singin’ em out with my pen. Then dancin’ them out with my mouth.. and readin’ em for ya with my words. ┬áCheck out yourself some time.. and see how you been thinkin’. See how you been readin’. See what you been checkin’ out. See what you got in your vision, in your eyes, in your mind in your thoughts, in your tears. Hey, Honey! This one’s for everyone. I’m gonna get there when I can, I swear it. I’m gonna git there and I’m takin’ you with me.

Chris Brecht and the Dead Flowers cutting “Streetlights” from Chris Brecht on Vimeo.

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