sub-morphine alt-country songwriter

blackheart lightning storm~

I’ve been looking for a black heart
someone just like me
so i can see the devil staring back at me

looking out the window
at the lightning storm
shadows making shadows where i was born

if you were a drug
i’d bury you
deep inside my eyes helplessly

it’s hard to breathe
cause you’re in my chest
but you ripped the granite strings love loveliness

and when i gave back
i gave to you..
with promises that you would lift me up and pull me through

i’ve scattered sins
inside broken wind
and laid down next do you inside your softest skin

i’ve missed the words
woken before dawn..
poured myself a cup of coffee and left the porch light on
for a lover
she’s an angel storm
to strip me of all the nakedness i was born with

on a broken cloud
she’s just a raven..
flying through the sky like it’s the dust of heaven

i have a black heart
i have broken eyes
and you are softer than the sound of all my lies

i know you’re an angel
the sun also rises
and on the outside of the blackness is mystery

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