sub-morphine alt-country songwriter

Show at Momo’s in Austin Sunday Dec. 5

Hey CB and Dead Flowers will be at Momo’s this Sunday December 5th 10PM. visit: for more info.. The new album, Dead Flower Motel, will be in stores in January. Always available online at

Dead Flower Motel Incarnation ~ The record combines sonically illuminating rock n roll with Chris Brecht’s alt-country songwriter roots. Dead Flower Motel classifies the Dead Flowers in the company of My Morning Jacket, The Rolling Stones, or Wilco on a reverb pill. The sound is even reminiscent of the Doors-style Moonlight Drive, jagged guitars from Scott Davis (Hayes Carll, the Trishas), revolutionary pedal steel from Ricky Ray Jackson (The Happen-Ins, Phosphorescent), Space Echo keys and B3 Organ from Matt Mollica (Deadman), and chic and sassy L.A. style rhythm section of Falcon Valdez and John Michael Schoepf (the Happen-Ins), Chris Brecht and Dead Flowers are incarnation. More people should be listening to Chris Brecht. If you’re not listening to his albums, you’re missing out.

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